5 Ways An AC Can Increase Office Productivity

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Keeping all your employees highly productive in office can be an extremely big challenge. With hot summers, employee productivity can decrease significantly because of the physical discomfort. The great news is that AC Repair Apache Junction can assist with this! With well maintained AC systems and the correct temperature settings, you may create a comfy working environment for all your employees which will make them cheerful and more productive in turn. And being an employer, this is good for your business!

Here are some ways that office ACs can enhance productivity:

Comfy working environment
A comfy work environment can improve employee productivity considerably. If a workplace is very hot, the employees will feel tired, sleepy, sluggish, and irritated. If a workplace is very cold, the employees will feel numb, ill, lethargic, or stiff due to decreased blood circulation. So, in both the cases, it will make it difficult for them to concentrate and focus on their works.
If the temperature is enough cool when it is hot, and employees are comfy, then productivity can be increased drastically. So, ensure that your air conditioner system is set up to the right humidity level and temperature based on the season or weather.

Maintain a constant temperature
Maintaining a constant temperature also can make the office very comfortable to work, and your staff more productive year round. The perfect temperature for utmost office productivity is about 21℃, and temperature above or below this can decrease productivity significantly.

Humidity and Temperature control
An AC system which comes with a programmable thermostat also can help your staff feel more happier and comfortable in the office. Having control over the office thermostat or humidity levels and temperature can impact productivity positively, along with morale.
A humidity level of nearly 40% is the best for higher performance, but it can be quite challenging during summer. It’s vital to point that there should be room for some compromise between people – especially between females and males and older and younger workers – as they may have diverse preferences, in that case, cold workplace environment should be considered. For example, older individuals are lesser productive in the cold environments. Therefore, when someone wishes to change temperature setting, everybody should reach to an agreement.

Stops health issues
By making sure that the humidity level and temperature is right, you also can prevent health issues from occurring, and thus improve productivity in your workplace. If it’s very cold for instance, then your employees may end up becoming ‘sick building syndrome’, as cold temperatures irritate respiratory system, dry skin, and dry eyes, resulting in more sick days.
In contrast, if it is too hot, then your employees can get heatstroke or heat rash caused due to excessive sweating during the humid and hot weather. So ensure to keep your office appropriately warm when it is cold, and vice versa. An excellent quality and properly maintained air conditioner system can stop such health issues from occurring, and therefore reduce sick days and increase productivity.

Technological equipment works much better
An efficient AC system is also vital to your technology too, especially IT technology which is sensitive to the heat. With a well-controlled office setting, now you can make sure that you do not spend unnecessary cost on technological repair or loose system as a consequence of excessively humid temperatures.
Most significantly, when the technology is not too hot to deal with, your staff will be capable to work out with them as required. And if the technological equipment tends to be in proper working shape it’ll also assist boost productivity, as nobody can be fair with faulty or broken equipment. Air conditioner is important to maintaining temperature balance of technologies and avoiding them from breaking down.


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